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"Trees" I made to enter into

Visions. It didn't get in. I had

to carefully wrap the sticks with

silk fabric and stitch them down.

It is about 12" high.

The photographer took some

beautiful photos to highlight

the work.

I should mention that I don't 

usually work in a series. My 

work is very eclectic. I make

art purely for joy. I make what

I want to make and don't thnk

too much about being


"Bullseye" is about 24" square. I 

tore strips from 2 beautiful

African fabrics and laid them

down and anchored them. I used

the blanket stitch in the round to

create the pattern.


I just love hand stitch. It is

so meditative.

Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 3.00.11 PM.jpg

"Flowers" is almost 3 feet high. This picture doesn't show it, but it is all hand stitched. 


"Mezza Luna" is about 12" square. I again tore strips of

fabric, then sewed them down by machine and added the "paper" circles. I cut bright orange half circles out of silk and hand stitched them down.


This zebra is untitled because it was part of a larger quilt, made with other quilters. I had so much fun making this piece. After the show the large quilt was taken apart and each artist was given her piece back.


"Xtra" is about 2 feet high. I painted some canvas and muslin, tore them up then zigzagged them together. I then added the elements and stitch.


I machine felted this postcard, then added ribbon, stitch and beads.


"Fiore" is about 4 feet tall. I cut

strips of fabric, sewed them together, then slashed them and arranged them on the background. It is machine quilted.


"Working Stiffs" was my Dia de los Muertos quilt. It is about 18" square. This was for a men's suit challenge at Artistic Artifacts years ago called the Power Suit Challenge.

This piece is long and thin, I think 60" high. Once again, this is machine felted, cut in squares, stitched together and then decoratively stitched on top. 


I made this for a company that gives houses to those in need. A group of quilters donated house quilts to put in the new houses. This was my donation.


"Pigeonholed" was made by cutting squares of colored fabrics and zigzagging them together. Then I took Shiva paint sticks and ran them around the edge of each square to make them look old and dirty. Then I added the birds. If I remember, this is about 30" high.


"Ponder a Pond" is big, about 4 feet square. It is machine felted, cut in strips, stitched back together and hand stitched over the top. This piece won 2 cash awards at Art Quilt Tahoe back in the day.


"Rubbed Out" is 17" high. I painted the top fabric and laid it over the printed cotton and quilted it all over. Then I stitched the picture on the top of the quilt, then turned it over and put thick black thread in the bobbin and stitched from the back, creating bobbin work.

Schlueter  Rubbed Out  Close Up.jpg

This piece was part of the "She Made Her Mark" exhibit at the Quilters Hall of Fame back in the day.


Just a fun exercise with a men's hankie. Backed with colorful cotton and thread painted.


"Alien Xray" was an exchange done a few years back. I had to make something out of the materials I was sent. This is about 18" to 24" square.

Copy of IMG_1788.jpg
schlueter jpg1 full.jpg

This piece is about 18" square. I was playing with leaf shapes that were cut out of organza and then stitched with water soluble stabilizer, rinsed and placed on the quilt and stitched down.

schlueter jpg2 detail.jpg

Part of the Journal Quilt Project many years ago. 11" high. Silk and more leaves stitched with water soluble stabilizer.


Postcards playing with ginko leaves (from my yard at the time) and working with stitch and water soluble stabilizer.


"Universal is 40" square. I put the fabric down on the black and stitched and stitched. Didn't like it the way it was so I added the "frame" around it and got what I wanted.


"Kleidoscope" is 40" square. I sewed strips and slashed them and did more strips to make the piece background. Then I stitched the top in a circular fashion.

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